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Install CpCleaner in cPanel/WHM Step by Step:

What is CpCleaner?

How it works?


  1. Easy installation.
  2. Automatic Updates.
  3. Clean out files by extensions or name.
  4. Clean out the “tmp” and “.trash” folders.
  5. Support cPanel, cPanel with CloudLinux. CentOS 5/6/7..

System requirements:

  • cPanel/WHM Version- 11.52.0+


Step 1. Login SSH as root.

Step 2. Run the following shell commands.

  1. wget -O cpc-1.0.3.tar “http://store.gk-root.com/dl.php?type=d&id=233”
  2. tar -xf cpc-1.0.3.tar
  3. cd cpc-1.0.3
  4. sh cpc-installer -install
  5. cd ..
  6. rm -Rfv cpc-1.0.3/ cpc-1.0.3.tar

Update CpCleaner In cPanel:


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